“Great ride, wonderful views, fantastic guides. More then we could have ever expected! Best guided ride we have ever had!”

“Great experience. Trails of all different tech abilities.  I got plenty of riding time. I’m leaving really satisfied with the whole ride.  Having a person to guide us through the ride area was awesome.  [The guide] knows all the trails.  Thanks guys!”
Texas, USA

“Insane!! Amazing!! Super cool people + earth to ride.  If I'm back from the mainland, we are riding again!”
Nevada, USA

“Great experience!  Very challenging tight terrain.  Some great views, and the guides were awesome.  Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect!  Most ‘tours’ can have a tendency to be ‘boring’ or somewhat slow paced.  This certainly was not like that!  Much better.”
Indiana, USA

“Great experience! Made sure I felt comfortable with the equipment and terrain.  Did a great job of understanding my abilities and giving realistic challenges.”

“Thanks heaps. Todays ride was awesome nice small group.  Very helpful. Gnarly trails. Awesome trails and heaps better than going shopping with the wife :).”
Melborne, Austraila

“Awesome ride with a great guide! Mixed up terrain and speed.”

“Great time, scenery was amazing.. from scenic vistas to jungle terrain. Was a 10 of fun! Some very fun and challenging sections.  Our guide was a great host and trail guide, customizing to our abilities”

“Great time, had a blast. Hope to come back and do it again”
North Carolina, USA

“It was awesome!  Harder the expected.  Thanks for the 150!
Tennessee, USA 

“One of sayings in Colorado is ‘if you don’t have to carry your bike a couple of times during a ride, it was not much of a ride.’ He took me on some of the most incredible tropical rides that I have ever been on.  I consider Colorado the ‘disneyland for dirt bikes”, Hawaii is paradise!  See you next year!”
Rocky Mountain Rides
Colorado, USA

“Awesome terrain and company. Thank you!”
North Carolina, USA

“Satisfying, gratifying. Scenic great trails, perfect dirt conditions. “

“Amazing, very challenging for new to Hawaii riders”
Steve and 13 yr old Son

“Awesome! Plenty of guidance and advice so much fun!”

“Excellent. The guides and the trail, at my pace, educated me very well. Very well done.
Colorado, USA

“Great riding experience. Different levels of trails. Beautiful scenery. It was a great day of riding!”
Texas, USA

“Awesome!  The best guides and beautiful scenery!  Don’t miss riding with DBH!”
Texas, USA

“Awesome, the guides were great. [The guides] are very experienced riders.  ‘A’ level for sure.”
Texas, USA

Great experience. Great tour.  Perfect level for my riding.  The guide was perfect, entertaining and a great rider.

“It was really fun. Had a good time, wish I could do it again”
Oahu, USA

“The owners were right on time and we were able to get in a full day of riding.  The two guides know all the trails and kept us challenged all day.”
Oahu, USA

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